What’s new in pubg mobile season 9?

Pubg mobile is the most popular battle royale title in mobile gaming world. As we know that PUBG mobile season 8 is going to end very soon and update 0.14.5 is going to release. Undoubtedly, every pubg mobile player is excited to know what’s new in pubg mobile season 9. It has managed to keep up the hype with its consistent updates that bring fresh and amazing content in the game.


The update 0.14.5 introduce new season into the game along with new skins, gun vehicles etc. You may know about the popular game tipster Mr. Ghost gaming leaked the contents of the new update in a video and confirmed that new update is going to release on september 12.


What’s new in pubg mobile season 9?


1. New gun MPK5

Pubg mobile new gun

Image credit: dot esports


A new sub machine gun MPK5 is going to be added to the snowy vikendi map. This gun is alreday introduced in PC version of PUBG. It is going to replace vector (SMG) in the map. This gun is expected to use 9mm bullets and will have three modes for firing I.e. auto, single and burst. It can equipped with almost all the attachment available in PUBG mobile.


2. New vehicle Zima

Pubg new vehicle zima

New vehicle: Zima

Another vikendi only vehicle that will be coming in the update 0.14.5 will be the Zima. Zima is a hatchback car which looks like a mini SUV. It is expected to replace UAZ in vikendi map.


3. Snow bike

Snow bike pubg

New bike: snow bike

The third new thing in this update is also vikendi specific. New snow bike is introduced in vikendi which probably replace regular bikes in vikendi. The speed of snow bike is extremely fast in comparison to other vehicles in vikendi. The only downside of this bike is less durable and easily destroyable


4. Canted sight

Canted sight pubg

Image credit: dual shockers

One of the most awaited sight in pubg mobile is finally introduce in update o.14.5. You can find this sight in all of the available maps. It can be used in all assault rifles, DMR’s, SMG’s, bolt action snipers, LMG’s and shotgun (s12k).


These are the 4 major updates that is introduced in the version 0.15.4. Other than these, Holographic sight can be used in pistols like p92 and p1911. There are many other updates like new emotes, companion, new gun skins, new dress, parachutes etc.

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Major changes in PUBG mobile 0.14.5 update

  • The name of the ump9 is changed to ump45. This gun will use 45 acp instead of 9mm .


  • The magazine capacity of Ump45 is 25 and 35 along with extended magazine.


  • Holographic sight can be used in pistols like p92 and p1911.


  •  Vector will no long use 45 acp instead of this it will work with 9mm rounds.


  • Snow bike and zima replace regular motorbike and UAZ in vikendi.


  • The damage of AWM is increased.


  • Extreme cold mode will be introduced in vikendi.


•  New animation are added while running in FPP mode.


That’s all guys, hope this article helps you to know what’s new in pubg mobile and major changes in it. Don’t forget to share it with pubg lovers.



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