VPS hosting VS cloud hosting

What should I choose? VPS hosting VS cloud hosting

When it comes to choose your web host, you are probably going to have ton of questions. Hosting can seem little bit complicated as we have cloud hosting, VPS hosting, shared hosting, dedicated servers and you have to choose best among  the dozen of hosting companies.


In this post, we are going to talk about major difference between Cloud hosting and VPS hosting. After reading this post you will be able to choose best hosting which suits you.


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What is VPS hosting?


VPS stands for Virtual Private Server. In simple term, VPS is a single physical server divided into many smaller virtual server using virtualization technology.

To deliver you a VPS environment, web hosting companies implement hypervisor or virtual machine manager on the parent server. From there, you can create individual virtual machine.


Pros and Cons of VPS hosting



  1. It offers root access to the server.
  2. It is less expensive as compared to cloud hosting.
  3. Users can modify settings on server to adjust it according to the need.
  4. Dedicated ip’s can be allocated to each account.
  5. Failure of one server doesn’t affect others unless it is a hardware failure.
  6. You can choose any OS and software to manage VPS.




  1. If there is any problem with the VPS server or need maintenance, all accounted hosted with it will down.
  2. Storage space in each server is limited.
  3. Only one OS can run on each physical server.


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What is cloud hosting?


Cloud hosting also provides user with virtual server, but this server is not hosted in specific physical server like in VPS hosting. In cloud hosting, hosting companies can host on any available dedicated server.


The huge plus with this hosting it that it gives you guaranteed performance and more flexibility when you experience surges in traffic. There is no risk of your website going down if one physical server fails as another server will take its place.




  1. The storage space and other resources can be scaled up and down according to the requirement.
  2. It offers great flexibility and excellent performance.
  3. Each client on the cloud can choose OS individually.
  4. Failure of any physical server doesn’t affect other server.




  1. The only one disadvantage of cloud hosting is little bit more cost than VPS hosting.

VPS hosting VS cloud hosting: what should you choose?


Both of VPS and cloud hosting have been popular despite their individual merits and demerits. VPS hosting were chosen by websites for whom scalability and uptime doesn’t matter. On the other hand, the sites that require scalability and uptime choose cloud hosting.


If you are running small site and want to reduce IT cost then VPS hosting is best for you. But if you run a website that generate heavy traffic then cloud hosting is better choice for you.


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