What is VPN and why should you use it ?

Virtual private networks are easy to use, affordable and a vital component in your pc and smartphone. VPNs can be used to access geo-restricted sites, shield your browsing activity in public Wi-Fi and many more. You should have a VPN installed in your device to keep every moment you spend online completely private.


VPNs are originally created to connect business networks together securely over the internet or allow you to access a business network from home. These days VPNs are really popular but not for the reason they were originally created.


What is VPN and why you should use a VPN?


In simple terms, a VPN connects your all devices to another computer( called server ) in the internet, which allows you to browse web using that computer’s internet connection. If your server is located in Germany , it will appear as if you are coming from Germany and you can potentially acess things that you couldn’t do normally. Actually, your VPN serves as an anonymous middleman that does your browsing for you.


Even if you don’t think you are being tracked online, Your internet service provider can see everything you do. Some of the ISP compile your browsing logs anonymously and sometimes sell them to advertising company. This is one of the reason more people online consider using a VPN. So, let’s talk more about why should you use a VPN?


1. Browse the web securely on public Wi-Fi


When you are using public Wi-Fi network, a VPN is your best friend. If a hacker is in same Wi-Fi network, it’s quite easy for him to get your data when you are not connected to VPN. Using a VPN will add extra security layer to keep your data private.


2. Save money while shopping online


Amazing as it might seem, some online stores will charge different price for same item based on country you are browsing from. This could be anything like shoes, handbag, a new car or a hotel room. This is clearly unacceptable for consumer. Now you can change VPN server to get best price for product you are buying for. It might be time consuming but it saves hundred of dollars.


3. Improve online gaming speed


If you are facing high ping in popular games like PUBG, FreeFire,call of duty, Fortnite etc. and want lag free gaming experience then VPN is for you. Your Internet service provider may be throttling online gaming data which results in high ping. To overcome this problem, make sure that you are connected to VPN server which is nearby and capable of handling the load.


4. Acess to Geo restricted sites


Government have power to prevent you from accessing websites that you might want to use. There are some sites they are restricted in certain country that you might need to use.

A VPN can be used to access the material and services you need to use without any security apparatus. In this process, the data is encrypted which means that every online activity is private.


5. Privacy


Even if you are browsing web from home by using your home network, using a VPN is not a terrible idea. Generally, it will keep you from leaving traces of your online presence for your ISP to scoop up. Make sure to do research while choosing VPN for day to day use.


Be sure to check our list of top 5 VPN to use in 2019. Hope this article helps you to know more about VPN and it’s importance. If you like this article then be sure to share it with your friends and family via social media icon given below.


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