teardrop attack

what is Teardrop attack and how to prevent it?

Teardrop attack is a denial of service attack that involves sending massive amount of bug laden data to the victim device, which lead the device to crash. Since the machine receiving such data packets cannot reassemble them due to a bug in TCP/IP fragmentation. Before we get talk more about teardrop attack, let me tell you about the how data moves from one server to another server.


Data travels in data packet. Data packets are small broken fragment of the data which are assigned to the certain stamp. The process of data transfer is bit tricky, usually data transfer follow seven and four layer of OSI model and TCP/IP model respectively. These layer has a specific task to perform and in turn forward the data packets to other layers.


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Now you guys may have little idea on how data flow over the internet. Let’s get back to our main topic.


How does teardrop attack work?


Basically in teardrop attack hacker sends the multiple packets of bug-laden data, these data get overlapped and victim device gets confused while rearranging them. Simultaneously attacker sends more and more data packets which eventually lead to the system crash. This type of attack is common in the earlier version of windows operating system.


How to prevent teardrop attack?


You can prevent teardrop attack in general by following the method given below.


  • Protecting the network layer:

    These attacks target network layer, so your system must defend it at all cost. You can use proper firewall network which filters junk data.


  • Using caching serves:

    caching servers are very useful mitigating tool to prevent teardrop attack. These servers can provide static content so that the website can run.


  • Using secured proxy:

    This method involves inspecting incoming packets for the violation of data fragmentation rule which prevents bug-laden data coming to your device.


That’s all for today, we hope that this article help you to understand more about this attack and ways to prevent it. Let us know if you have any queries and suggestion for us via comment section.


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