Things to consider before buying a domain name

One of the most important thing to consider while establishing an online presence is choosing a best domain name. The right domain name for your website is important, for your targeted audience as well as search engines. Ignore the present trends and choose domain that is meaningful for coming 10 years. Here are some tips which may help you to choose best domain name for your website.


1. Brandable domain name


Your domain name is the first thing that your customer and potential customer see while visiting your website. So, choose a domain name that represent your business. Let me explain this via an example , is perfect domain name as we can simply understand this business is related to bus ticket booking.


2. Geographic based domain name


If your business is based on specific country then consider choosing country specific top level domain like .np, .in etc. This helps search engine to rank your site in certain country. You also need to choose TLD according to your business nature like .com for commercial, .edu for educational purpose, .org for organization.


3. Avoid number and symbols


Always try to avoid a number in the selection of domain name as visitors may find it hard to remember and it will affect the visibility of your site in search engine. So, make sure that you don’t use a number to make your domain name shorter.


For example, It is not necessary to use for the domain name .


4. Easy to type and pronounce


To minimize the possibility of typing error from your potential clients, your domain name must be easy to write and pronounce. So, your domain name shouldn’t contain special symbols that cause trouble for the visitor to find your website.


For example, for the site, anyone can misunderstand “K” as “C” .


5. Avoid domain name that is too similar to existing website


Never choose a domain name that is too similar to popular site or your competitors site that is already taken by someone because it doesn’t makes any sense.


For example, avoid domain name like as is already popular.


Where to get a domain name?


Now you have basic idea for choosing best domain that suits your business. After choosing best domain name for your business, you might be thinking about where to get a domain name ?


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These are the some advice that you may need to consider before choosing a domain name. If you still need any help then don’t hesistate to contact us.


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