Should you create your blog from blogger?

Blogger is one of the most popular blogging platform. This site is popular because it is free and anybody can use it.

Blogger offers anyone the ability to manage their blog site without the burden of technicalities. It is very best platform to create a blog for new blogger. Today I am going to tell you about pros and cons of blogger. Okay let’s get started with the pros of blogger.


1. Blogger is free

Blogger is free with better web exposure. You always get good exposure from the web because Google always supports blogger sites. As it is free and easy to use most of people use it.

2. Easy interface for beginners

It is very easy to create a blog from blogger. You have to follow some simple steps to create it. If you are thinking of making money by blogging then blogger is the best place for It. You do not need any technical skill to start a blog. You can learn blogging from blogger. It’s dashboard is simple and easy to use. Anyone can setup a blog from blogger. As people do not need to have technical skill to start a blog, it is very best of newbie.

3. You got your own subdomain

If you start blogging from then you can get free subdomain and free lifetime hosting by Google. You can choose any domain name with subdomain . If your blog is about health then you can use name . The most advantage of this subdomain is ‘ the blog rank in search engine with this free subdomain’. You do not have to pay for hosting and thus is another advantage.

4. Monetize your blog with adsense

Google adsense and blogger are the product of Google. Google adsense is the best contextual ads marketing program in the market with the most advertiser and highest payouts. You can easily set up adsense in blogger. You can monetize your content to make profit. It is quite easy to verify blog for adsense if you create a blog from blogger. Google ads are one of the most profitable website ads out there and you can increase profit by creating good content in blog with better exposure and traffic monetization.

5. Post content without any difficulty

The appealing feature of the blogger is process of posting content which is straight forward, simple and quick. Another best feature of blogger is you can manage your all blogs in a single dashboard. This feature offer convenience to blogger to manage their all blog at single place. The themes in blogger platform can be highly customized without any technical skills.

Now I am going to tell you about the cons of blogger.


1. Blogger owns your site

Your site is not owned by you. All the power of your blog is in hand of blogger. When we post any content that is not suitable for viewers then your blog could be deleted without any warnings. If you use wordpress all power of your site is at your hand. Anyone who is using blogger should backup there blog because it can be deleted by Google without any notice.

2. Limited template

There are very few templates available in the blogger. It is a challenge to choose a professional looking website. We have to use third party templates to make our blog professional. Due to the lack of best themes and designs blogger people are not satisfied with it. If we look at wordpress there are numerous free and premium looking templates. The free templates available in the wordpress are also better than blogger theme. If you want to start professional blogging then you should choose theme from other sites rather than blogger.

3. Lack of plugins

Blogger lacks plugins. It is one of the disappointing feature from blogger. If we compare to it’s competitor wordpress there are numerous plugins available in the wordpress. Although professional blogger tweak the template bit , they are not at the full liberty to customize their blog site.

4. No updates from long time

There are no any updates in blogger since long time ago. We know that Google kill its popular services like Google readers, Google adsense for feeds, and the possible demise of FeedBurner. Google can shut down its any services at any time. The blogger user must backup there content. The future of blogger is completely in the hand of it.

Other than it , there are limited support available for the blogger. Your choice are very limited in blogger in term of support.

Blogger have very basic documentation and a users forum. If we compare it to wordpress, it have very active community system. There is online documentation, forum, live chat, community etc.

Moving your blogger site to other platform is very complicated task. If you move your site from blogger to other platform you lose your SEO, ranking, subscriber and follower during the move.

It have very limited tools to perform only specific task in your website.


Here I explain you about the pros and cons of blogger. After reading this post you got the basic information about blogger. In some topics I compare it with wordpress also. WordPress is also best blogging platform. If you are a beginner, I will suggest you to use blogger. If you have basic information about website and blogs, I will suggest you to create a blog site or website from wordpress.

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