Trailblazers Immigration

Trail blazers immigration

Trailblazers International is a registered Nigerian organization with head office in Ibadan, Nigeria. Our main focus is to facilitate training, conference and international study opportunities for individuals, corporate organizations, government institutions and parastatals in Nigeria, other parts of Africa and in the USA, Canada and Europe in general. We offer highly tailored consulting services to individuals and organisations that include, but not limited to, facilitating professional training, conference opportunities and study abroad opportunities that are strategically aligned with the staff development programs of several private and government establishments. Due to our extensive wealth of knowledge and expertise in immigration matters, we also work with clients to facilitate the process of visa application. Trailblazers International has worked with individuals and corporate organizations in Nigeria, United Kingdom, Ireland, Canada, USA, Malaysia, United Arab Emirates, among others. Our competitive advantage lies in our ability to package training, conference and international study services to clients in the most credible, efficient and transparent manner.

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