With fun and adventure in head, three brothers geared up for a 2 days hike from Budanilkantha to Nagarkot. They began their hike from Budanilkantha and after hiking 18kms they reached Chisopani where they decided to stop for the night. The following day, the three brothers started up early to complete a 16 kms hike to Nagarkot. After 3 hrs of hiking, the weather made a drastic change whereupon fine sunny days turned into cloudy days. With the incessant storm and heavy rain, the hiking was halted. The three brothers made it to a place called Bhanjyang where Syakley Brother (crippled) runed a small tea shop. He sold tea, noodles, soft drinks, water and local lunch. The rain had no mercy upon the three brothers as it began growling heavier hour after hour. Syakley Dai (Brother) offered shelter to the three brothers at his house which turned out to be a life saving offer for them seeing that the rain continued for two more days. Syakley Dai is a residence of Haibung 1, which is about 200m in distance from Bhanjyang. The Brothers got stranded at Haibung1 for 3days and meanwhile got bonded with Syakley Dai’s family and decided to do something for the village keeping education as the priority. They started forming a group to fund children of Haibung 1 for education. Unfortunately, as the group was being formed the whole country was hit hard by the earthquake on the 25th of April 2015. The brothers tried to contact Syakley Dai but were disappointed when he was unable to be reached and so after three days of the quake, one of the brothers went on to survey Haibung. The brothers were left mortified seeing the disaster that the earthquake had made upon the Haibung and its residents. The brothers initiated to rebuild Haibung and help the villagers live and so moving forward with their initiation, the brothers were joined by many others to rebuild Haibung.

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