Gurkha Warriors Nepal

Gurkha Warrior is new TV game show that will be broadcast in Nepal starting approximately June 1st. on Himalaya TV. The show’s format is a combination of fun and often hilarious obstacle courses similar to Ninja Warrior, Wipe Out, Survivor, and other competitive yet fun challenges. The people who complete the courses move on to crazier and more challenging courses until they reach the final courses where they compete directly with celebrities. The ultimate winners then win various prizes such as motorcycles, scooters, phones and more.

Himalaya TV is Nepal’s second largest broadcaster, with TV towers spread all over the nation. Presently there are over 6 million TVs in nepal homes with an average of 4.5 people per home.

The show will be aired at prime time for at least 1 hour per week but most likely two hours per week. Although the show will be aired once or twice weekly, the general public and tourist will be able to participate daily.

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