Concerned Christian Ladies of Ghana

Concerned Christian Ladies

Concerned Christian Ladies of Ghana (CCLOG) is a life enrichment organisation which aims to reach out to unreached and underprivileged Ghanaian widows, their children as well as orphans in Ghana. We hope to achieve this by encouraging Ghanaians all over the world to re-position and to propel themselves to wake up to the dire and basic needs of the poor, the needy and the oppressed in our beloved nation.

We anticipate that there are many Ghanaians who fortunately, by God’s grace, are already enjoying the freedom and the peace of Christian living and are enjoying a great lifestyle. For this reason, they may be more than willing to help and support our local or people who may be in the category of being: underprivileged and/or poor and needy – particularly widows, children of widows and orphans.

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