Why we chose this company for this month’s promotion

#MadeInNepal campaign is an initiative taken by the team of Tech101. Every month we contribute a little office time and a little amount from our earnings, to support and promote products and services that are Made in Nepal. For this, we select one company each month and promote it through our digital media channels; FOR FREE. Our aim is to give something back to the society that has given us so much. We hope with this little effort of ours, we can make a difference in the lives of Nepali people.


Please help us by

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  • Buying Nepal Made products.


Today we have NAKHA DOCHAA for you.

NAKHA means ‘festival’ in Newari language. NAKHA DOCHAA uses lawa fabric, which is a handwoven fabric, and is worn during Newari festivities.


NAKHA DOCHAA’s Manifesto

One morning at one of the local tea shops in Kathmandu, three young individuals were talking about the underrepresented art and talent of Nepal. They were thinking of ways through which they can credit the artists, embrace their identities in peculiar ways, and endorse the rich and vibrant Nepali culture. After scratching their head for couple hours they thought: what an unique way would it to be to do it through SHOES! And then and there DOCHAA came into existence. DOCHAA, the shoes with Nepali art, culture and identity. Each pair of shoes tell a story of the traditions, cultures, beliefs, identity and uniqueness of the artisans. DOCHAA helps the artists represent their work through shoes in Nepal and globally, and will add more diversity to the Nepali shoes market. For shoe lovers who love wearing unique, stylish and comfortable shoe DOCHAA is all that you need!



Your foot gears crafted in the himalayas will take your style to the next level. DOCHAA is a manifesto of Nepali art, cultures, colors and vibes. Packed in a shoes, DOCHAA is the ultimate representation and inclusivity of art, artisan and YOU.

With your DOCHAA, YOU can bring your unique nepaliness into this world. DOCHAA is made up of local fabrics by the local artisans that represent Nepali traditions and history, colors.



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