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laptop vs desktop, which one to buy?

When deciding between purchasing a laptop computer or a desktop computer, you will need to consider a handful of criteria and make a determination that fits your need best. In this article we have compared these two computers providing its pros and cons for each to help you to decide which one to buy.


Comparison between desktop computer and laptop computer




There is a wide variety of component options available for desktop, they may cost large price range but the starting price is relatively cheap. You can buy desktop for about Rs. 35,000 which is still be a pretty powerful system.


Laptops also have wide variety of component options but they are more limited than desktop. To get a more powerful laptop with higher speed, more storage specs and better graphics, you have to pay considerably higher price than desktop.




Desktop are large in size and have separate monitor. It’s quite difficult to to take a desktop from place to place. They are designed to be used in single location.


Laptops are very portable due to their compact size. They were designed to be taken from one place to another place, carried in a laptop carrying case or backpack. They are best for on-the-go use.




Desktop processor are little bit larger in size and the processor of desktop is more powerful than labtop processor. New advanced processor on the market are available for desktop computer first.


Laptop processor have nearly reach up to desktop processor, but still laptop processor are still limited compared to desktop processor. Gaming laptops can have equal performance but they cost higher price.


Ease of access


Setting up a desktop takes a bit of extra work to hook everything up and it also requires more space to set up.


Laptops are built to be easy to use, and requires less time to run. The process is quite fast take out of the bag, plugin and press power button. Within few minutes, the laptop is ready to use.


Power usage


Desktop computers use more power than a laptop. They have to provide higher wattage power supply to run multiple component inside and monitor.


Laptop computer use less power than a desktop computer. As laptop computer have smaller component which obviously consume less power. Laptops also have a battery so power fluctuation and outages will not cost any unsaved work to lost.




Most of the component of desktop computer are removable, making it easier to upgrade. Desktop cases are usually much bigger they are easier to work in when doing any upgrading.


Memory card and hard drive are the only upgradable component of laptop computer. Rest of the components are either built in or non removable. The laptop computers are not designed to work with an upgraded version of a component. If you need to upgrade component other than memory and hard drive, you need to buy another laptop.




Repairing a desktop computer is quite easy work since most of the hardware can be purchased from the local computer store.


For normal user opening a laptop to repair parts is quite complex work. If you have to replace any parts then you have to call manufacturer or order from online store.


Laptop vs desktop, which one to buy?


Choosing a best computer depends on your need. While above information shows desktop computer a best option but if your need is portability then laptop computer is the best option for you.


However, if portability is not your priority and you have less budget then desktop computer is best choice for you. You can upgrade its parts and make it more powerful to play graphics intensive games, to use CAD applications. They are also best for those who use only email and internet.


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