stay secure in public wifi

how to stay safe on public wifi ?

The internet is not safe place for every users. It’s a world full of hackers, scammers and other bad guys. Once you are connected to internet through public WiFi, you are at risk of spying and spoofing. A public WiFi is inherently less secure than your home network  as you don’t know who setup it and who else is connecting to it. In this article we have put together a handy guide to help you stay safe while you surf web from public WiFi.

1. Know your network


Like luring kids with candy, hackers will try to lure you with free, easy and open WiFi networks. So, before you connect to public wifi, be sure to know whose network you are connecting, who are connecting to network. And make sure that your laptop or mobile is not set up to automatically connect to unknown WiFi networks.


2. Use a VPN


It is one of the most useful tools to help people keep their information secure when logged on to public WiFi networks.
Using a VPN is the most effective trick to stay safe on public WiFi is using a VPN. It encrypts every data travelling to and from your laptop or phone . As all the data travelling are encrypted whoever in middle to grab your data finds it in encrypted form.


3. Use HTTPS


If you don’t have VPN while surfing internet with public WiFi  using only encrypted sites also helps you to protect your data from hackers. Look for https at the beginning of site address which means the connection between server and browser is encrypted. So, any data that is submitted to site will reach server in encrypted from. Most of the browser include padlock symbol at beginning to indicate the site uses encryption.


4. Avoid using website that requires sensitive data


Now you know connecting to public WIFI without additional security measure is very risky. So, you shouldn’t not browse websites that require or display your personal and financial information. These sites can include these and more:
• E-banking
• Government websites
• Investment websites
• Loan accounts websites


5. Consider using safer alternatives to public WiFi


If you have decided using public WiFi is too risky and you want to avoid it, here are some safe alternatives for you to consider.
• Use free hotspots offered by your ISP or cell company
• Use unlimited data plan on your smartphone
• Utilize smartphone as a private hotspot


Digital security is important and we need to understand the risks of using public wifi. If you find this article helpful, then be sure to share it with your friends and family AND don’t hesitate to leave your queries on comment section.


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