How to secure your wordpress site?

Powering more than 30% of world’s websites , WordPress is the one of the most popular blogging and CMS platform. As it is free to download and use, easy to learn and supported by thousand of third party plugins and themes. According to the leading online security expert “Sucuri” WordPress is the most hacked or compromised CMS platform.


As wordpress is open source and it’s code is available online, anybody who is smart enough to find a loophole can attack your website. In this article, I am going to tell you about how to secure your WordPress site.


How to secure your WordPress site?


1. Choose a good hosting company


The simplest way to keep your site secure is to go with those hosting providers who provides multiple layer of security. In the hosting industry, hacked website, bots, malware, DDos attack, and various other forms of security vulnerabilities are very common. To prevent from these security threats having quality hosting is most important. Paying a little bit more for quality hosting automatically adds additional security layer and you can significantly speed up your wordpress site .


While there are many hosting company out there we recommend you to try Tech101. We provide quality hosting with many security features including 24×7 support at a reasonable price.


2. Update WordPress, plugin and themes regularly


Keeping outdated wordpress application, plugins and themes is a very serious security threat. Hackers can find backdoors to your website with the help of outdated themes and plugins. To prevent this problem you should install trusted plugins and themes and update them in regular basis. You can use the plugins like ” Advance automatic update ” to update plugins and themes automatically.


3. Secure the basic wordpress during installation


Good security of site starts at the installation stage. By default, the username of WordPress administrator is ‘admin’ and all database tables are prefixed by ‘wp_’ . WordPress hacker know this and it’s make more easier to them to gain access to your site. So, be sure to change your username, prefix in database to something else and create a strong password containing Uppercase, Lowercase , number and special symbol.


3. Make sure you have good backup

It’s an unfortunate truth that a website is never 100% secure even when you follow all right precautions. Having good backup isn’t exactly a proactive step on how to secure your site but it’s a reactive step that can really help if the need arises.


By creating the backups for your website, you set restore point that let you access your site to a previous version. Having backup of your site helps you to


  • Guard against human errors
  • Reverse problem during update
  • Prevent loss of data
  • Handle compabilty issue after new installations
  • Resolve malware infection


4. Use security plugins


It’s a time consuming work to regularly check your website for malware and you may not be smart enough to find piece of malware written into the code. A security plugin can take care of your site security , scans for malware and monitor your site 24×7 and check either everything is right or not.


You can use as your security plugin. It is great wordpress security plugin which offer various security services like security activity auditing, remote malware scanning, blacklist monitoring, effective security hardening, post-hack security actions, file integrity monitoring etc.


5. Use ssl certificates to encrypt data


If you own an ecommerce website or collect any information from user even their name and email address, then securing data is very important for you and your website users. The data travelling across the internet have to pass through a number of servers and keeping it safe while it goes on it’s journey is most important. If the data is not encrypted hacker can get those information.


If you use SSL certificate your website get trusted secure badge and user data can’t be leaked. Getting an SSL certificate for your website is simple. Most of the hosting company provide it for free or you can purchase it from third party company.


WordPress security is one of the crucial part of the website. If you ignore the security of your site, hackers can easily attack your site. Maintaining the security of your site is not hard and non techies can also do it without spending a single rupee.


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