How to know your own number in Ncell , Ntc and smartcell?

Ntc, ncell and Smart cell are major telecom service provider in Nepal. There have been times that we forget our own phone number when somebody ask it. Mostly, when they are using a new sim card. So, they need to call others asking for their mobile number. To get rid from this, NTC, Ncell and Smartcell provide a way to know own number. You can easily get your own number just by dialling a number from your phone. 


Some people being smart, they give miss call to another number to get own phone number. This trick works for all mobile networks in the world. In Nepal, nepali telecom service providers have special number to know own number. Let’s find the process for all telecom companies.


How to know own mobile number in Ncell?

You can dial *903# or *103# to know  your own ncell number. 


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How to know your own number in NTC?


You can dial *9# to know your NTC number. This is only applicable for GSM numbers. There is no such method to get number of CDMA.


How to know your own number in Smart Cell?


You can dial *134# to get your own smartcell number. 


That’s all, you can easily get your own number without any hesitation by following the process mentioned above. Tell us what do you think of this process via comment. 




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