How to know password of connected wifi?

Cmd work on the basis of character user interface. There are two ways to see the connected wifi password in pc. You can use either graphical user interface or character user interface. It is easy to know password by using graphical user interface.

Go to wifi setting in your pc. You can see the connected wifi network. Go to the security option of it. And look at password option. If you are using it first time there is …….. in password box. Check the box near password box to make it visible.

When you are going to your friends house and if you want to use wifi you can take friends pc and see password by using this method. For this you need to remember small command. Follow the given steps to see the connected wifi password by using command prompt.

Step 1: Press win+R
Step 2: you can see search box there. Type cmd in the box.
Step 3: Press enter. You can see the black screen in your pc.

Step 4: type netsh wlan show profile network name key=clear

Enter your connected wifi name in place of network name. You can see the key content after you press enter. Your password is written in key content.

This trick is short and simple. You can impress your friend by using this trick. If you want to be smart user of computer you should know basic commands of windows. If you are using Linux you should know about basic commands of linux. Command prompt make our work faster. Many things in pc cannot be done without cmd. You can use other important feature of pc by using cmd.

In this article I have shown you a simple way to see the password of connected wifi network by using cmd. You can copy the text from above and paste it in your pc if it is hard to remember for you. If you remember it, then it may useful for you in future.

Do you have any difficulties while doing it? Comment your problem below I will try to solve it as fast as possible. Do you have any queries related to content and blog? If it is then please don’t hesistate to comment below.
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