How is LTE different from 4G?

If you are an avid mobile user, you may heard about the terms like LTE, 4G, 5G. What do all these terms mean and how they are different from each other?


All of these terms are related to mobile networks. As we know that G mean generation, 4G represents fourth generation whereas 5G represents fifth generation. LTE is also called 4G LTE by network companies. It stands for Long term Evolution.


After knowing this, you may willing to know how they are different from each other, which should I choose, and many more. So, without losing time let’s explore more about LTE and 4G in depth.


How is LTE different from 4G?


In 2008, The ITU Radiocommunication sectors announced new standards for 4G connectivity, many 4G cellular companies are unable to meet the standards given by ITU Radio communication sectors. To be a 4G download had to be a 100 mb/s on the move and and 1 GB/ s while stationery.


Most of the telecommunication companies doesn’t achieve the demands set by ITU-R to be considered as 4G. They named LTE (Long term Evolution ) to represent that the technology was under development.


Later, ITU-R noticed the struggle of telecommunication companies to achieve 4G and they lower the speed for 4G. To achieve title of 4G, telecommunication companies most prove that their speed is significantly higher than 3G . So, 4G is also called LTE 4G.


Eventually, they nearly meet speed requirement for 4G and named as LTE-A where A means advanced. This 4G LTE-A technology is most used when companies state they have 4G.




From this article, we can conclude that the telecommunication companies which provides the speed more than 100 mb/s while moving as stated by ITU-R are called 4G and those companies whose speed are significantly higher than 3G but doesn’t meet the requirement of 4G are called 4G LTE.


Hope this article helps you to understand difference between LTE and 4G. If you find this article useful, be sure to share it to your friends and family. If you have any confusion related to 4G and LTE, let us know via comment.


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