How do I point just the Website to another IP but keep the emails to existing hosting?

Here is the situation:


You have a running website
You want to now point the website to another hosting (IP: IP: but you want the email hosting to remain on your existing hosting (IP:


This is one of the ways to do it:
(Please make a backup copy of your DNS before you make any changes.)


You go to cPanel – > DNS Zone Editor – > and just edit this A record. 14400 IN A


And secondly, 14400 IN MX


Among other DNS, make sure this is left as it is: 14400 IN A 14400 IN A 14400 IN A



To check your email via browser, you may be using or
Regardless, the second step mentioned above will work, because everything pointing to the mail server is handled by it.


Important note:
The above configuration may not work on every circumstances and we the company will not be held responsibile for anything whatsoever.


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