Flutter VS React Native

Flutter VS React Native – What to choose in 2020?

As more and more people are embracing modernized technology, the demand for mobile apps has increased to large extent. In recent years cross platform mobile app development has gained popularity because it enables developers to develop mobile app that can run on more than one platform. Developing apps natively for IOS and Android is more expensive and very time consuming. There are many cross platform framework available worth discussing. Today we will be comparing Flutter and React Native.


Flutter VS React Native on the basis of :-



Flutter is technically faster than React Native as it doesn’t require the JavaScript bridge to interact with native components. Additionally, the use of Dart programming language gives flutter an advantage over React Native. But the difference in speed is not noticeable.


User Interface

When it comes to user interface and the creating block component of an app, there is a huge gap between flutter and React Native. React Native is based on native component whereas flutter is based on proprietary widget sets.


Development Time

React Native has remained one of the most reliable frameworks for developing next generation mobile app. Due to its efficiency, user interface and it reduced the time frame for the development, it takes less time in developing the project. While comparing React Native and Flutter, Flutter takes more time in development.


Industry Recognition

As React Native is matured cross platform framework based on well known programming language Javascript. The top apps made with this technology are Facebook, Instagram, Skype, Tesla, Facebook Ads, Uber, Pintrest etc. As flutter is newbie the companies like Alibaba, Groupon, The New York Times and Google Ads are using it.


Community Support

As soon as developer show interest in the new technology and adopt it, they form a community to share knowledge. React Native is launched in 2015 and it has gained popularity ever since. There is large community of React Native developers on Github and frequent meetups and conference takes place. Flutter has been around for a while but it gained popularity when google introduced in Google I/O conference 2017. The flutter community is also growing rapidly, meetups and conference are taking place both online and offline.



As we can see above both Flutter and React Native have own pros and cons. But I can say that since flutter is new framework, it will take some time to get stable on app development industry compared to React Native. If we compare the growth rate of Flutter and React Native , Flutter is growing rapidly compared to React Native.


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