Ramailo Shikshya

A social initiative from Tech101

What we hope from this project

We allocate some of our earnings from Tech101 and donations from humble philanthropists and use it for social causes. We want the childrens from sindhupalchwok to experience the wonders of technology through computers. Surendra Bajgain is a capable teacher who teaches computers education to the children of sindhupalchwok and does it very well. It's been over a year since we started Ramailo Shikshya. We have made a lot of progress thanks to the efforts of him and Ujjawal Bhandari. The locals are overjoyed to finally learn to operate a computer. We are doing our best to help them any way we can. We primarily hope to:

  • Provide basic computer education to children from 8-13 years
  • Arrange operation costs and teachers' salary
  • Create a positive impact on their life

Raspberry PI as a learning tool

Raspberry PI is tiny credit card sized single board computer that is used to teach computer science and programming to students. We chose the Raspberry Pi as teaching tool because it was cheap, powerful, durable and had a simple learning curve. Another major use of the Raspberry Pi is that it is used to create and program electronics such as a smart vehicle, a Robot and almost limitless other uses. The Raspberry PI can transform into a full fledged desktop which is powered by custom Linux Debian mod called Raspbian. We used the Raspberry Pi to teach children about programming, the internet, e-mail and other basic computer operations. The project is both cost effective and has huge community of developers and makers who are willing to help.


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