Coronavirus: A No-Panic help guide

By Sanjay K, Content Writer, Tech101


How to deal with the lockdown? Coronavirus (COVID-19)

We are all aware of the fact that a third of the global population is under coronavirus lockdown. Hence we all need to prepare and prevent ourselves and our community from being infected. So how can we do that? Well we can by taking care of our healthcare and follow basic hygienic methods. Let’s all prepare carefully but without panicking.





What is the disease all about?

COVID-19 is an infectious condition, which means this disease spreads directly or indirectly from one person to another. It generally attacks your upper respiratory tract (nose, throat, airways, and lungs)


Where and how it started?

The source of the coronavirus is believed to be a “wet market” in Wuhan which sold both dead and live animals including fish and birds. Also known as novel coronavirus, it was first identified in the Wuhan province of china, in December 2019.


Number of world-wide deaths and infections so far?

Global coronavirus cases cross 350,000, death toll passes 15,000 as pandemic takes hold.COVID-19 has now infected more than 350,536 people, according to Johns Hopkins University, and killed at least 15,328 people. Global cases have more than doubled in the past week, according to the World Health Organization, and worldwide deaths have nearly tripled.


Which are the Countries that are badly affected by COVID-19?

One Asian country and six European countries are among the ten most affected lists of countries with coronavirus, while more European countries are witnessing a surge in cases. As many as 11 European countries are among the top 15 countries with the highest number of coronavirus cases in the world. These include Hong Kong, Macau, Italy, Spain, USA, Germany, Iran, France, Switzerland, South Korea and United Kingdom. Similarly five more European countries, namely Netherlands, Austria, Norway, Belgium, and Sweden are witnessing an increase in COVID-19 cases.


What are the effects and Infected in Nepal till date?

Till date 687 total samples were tested in Nepal, out of which 684 cases have shown negative signs. Only 3 people have been tested positive, in that too 1 has recovered, and 2 are quarantined (in isolation)


What are the numbers of Nepalese returning from India?

Due to the outbreak of coronavirus in India the Nepalese returning to India is overwhelming. As per the source more than 55,000 people have left India for Nepal. The numbers are still or in the rise.


What is the Number of people returning to their area from Kathmandu?

The number of people returning to their village or ancestral land from Kathmandu is huge. Over 5, 00,000 and more have left for their area in a matter of days.


What is Lockdown and how will it help in getting it under control?

To control the spread of this virus, a full lockdown is required. It usually means that people must stay where they are and may not enter or exit a building or rooms or travel out into the open places. Besides that extreme social distancing is pretty much the only option available to help individuals stay healthy, and to break the chain of transmission. This will give more vulnerable populations a fighting chance of surviving this pandemic.


What is the solution if you get infected? Who should you contact and the number to contact.

The only known treatment and solution given to the infected is symptom based medical care. There is no specific treatment or vaccine available for novel coronavirus yet. You can contact or be at the the Sukraraj Hospital in Teku for the treatment measures. You can dial 01-4253396 for immediate contact.


How to deal with the loneliness and stay mentally sane during this lockdown?

We’re living in stressful and abnormal times, forced to change our daily lives and remain isolated for major part of our day. Many different fears right now are crossing in the minds of all at once on people in a way that is really confusing and hard to sort out.

The best thing we can do is to try to connect with people, spend time breathing and meditation, read interesting books or novels, engage in household works, and listen to soothing light instrumental music, and so on. The basic idea is to be engaged in some way or the other to keep your mind and body healthy.


If you are working from home here are few handy tips on being productive.

The novel coronavirus has been a boon for the growing work-from-home trend, making millions of people into remote workers almost overnight. Here are few tips that could be beneficial.



Work area:

Your first task is to create a workspace in your house that is convenient to work from home. Make sure you have a wall or background that suits a Skype or video call with colleagues.

Get organized:

Get your laptop, diary, pen, cell phone and chargers in place.

Master technology: –

Learn to use the best technology available for a WFH. You can use Google Hangouts for a team video call and Slack or similar tools for messaging.

Plan workflow:

It important to plan your work before you start the day. Have a task list or target sheet in front of you. Prioritize your projects and schedule time slots including extra time and new tasks received from your manager.

Communication first: –

The key to success at WFH lies in prioritizing communication. Your team and manager need to know that you are available and taking WFH seriously. Thus, prefer to call your colleagues on video or chat with them for routine queries instead of sending an email.

Block people: –

Block out distractions from people by pretending that you are not at home while following odd working hours. Do not get involved in conversations, personal calls or housework.


Important things you need to know regarding corona virus?



How deadly is Coronavirus?

Coronavirus has high infectivity but low mortality rate. Mortality rate ranges between 2-3%. It is less severe than 2003 SARS (mortality rate 10%) or 2012 MERS (mortality rate 35%). Risk of death is only higher in older people (above and age of 65 years) and people with pre-existing health conditions.


Why is there so much panic among people?

The lack of verified facts and floating rumors’ are to be blamed for this panic. The most important thing is when a virus is new; we don’t know how it may affect the people.


Will I die if i catch the disease?

NO, Almost 80% of people have mild symptoms and recover from the disease in 2 weeks. Most of the symptoms can be treated with timely medical care.


Are children also at risk of coronavirus infection?

COVID-19 appears to be relatively rare and mild in children. Just over 2% of cases were under 18 years of age. Of these fewer than 3% developed severe or critical disease.


What type of mask should one wear to protect against the coronavirus?

The 3 layer disposable surgical masks are good enough to control the virus. N-95 or N-99 masks are not recommended


Can an eating of chicken or eggs cause Coronavirus?

No, there is no such evidence or proof as yet. The novel coronavirus is not known to spread directly through poultry products. But experts say it can be a good option to have only properly cooked meat.


Can a person infected with coronavirus recover completely and be no more infectious?

Yes, Infarct about 80% of people has recovered from the disease without needing special treatment.


So follow 3P’s to defeat coronavirus. Channel your worries into these 3 actionable goals:



  1. Protect yourselves
  2. Protect your loved ones
  3. Protect your community



Lastly but not the least: Stay Safe, Stay Healthy!




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