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Battery Saving Tips for Windows Laptop

Laptop users has a critical enemy: a drained battery. You can charge it if only there is outlet near. Here are some ways you can do to extend your laptops’ battery life. Windows has different tricks that you can use against the power problem. Also, you can set your laptop in battery mode to reduce your power usage.In this article we have compiled few battery saving tips for windows laptop.


5 Battery saving tips for windows laptop


1. Battery saver mode

When you set your PC in battery saving mode, it temporarily turns off those things which use a lot of batteries, like a automatic calendar syncing, live updates and other apps you are not actively using. Using battery saver mode is the simplest way to reduce the power usage. If you want it to turn on whenever it falls below the certain level you can select the option of turn battery saver automatically if my battery falls below: and you can set it wherever you’d like.


2. Reduce display brightness

On high setting, very bright display can drain your PC’s battery life. If you bring down display brightness, significantly it lower your laptop power usage. There are quite a few ways to diminish screen brightness. With the deviation of keyboard keys the simplest way to reduce display brightness is use of Windows Action Center. To open it, you can click on notification icon in the bottom right of the task bar. There you can see a brightness slider in the bottom: click that slider and move left to reduce the display brightness.


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3. Disable networking

If you are not using internal function like Bluetooth and Wi-Fi turn off them unless you absolutely need them. Most laptops have a key combination that will help you to swiftly enable or disable them. If your laptop doesn’t have shortcut button, you can turn off them quickly in Windows Action Center if battery is running low.


4. Disconnect unused devices

Devices like mouse, keyboard, portable hard drives, flash drives and other connected devices at your PC, they consume power. Such devices engross power as the PC has to power on to work on them. Similarly, when you plug in them, as in the case with hard drives, different system resources are used to read or communicate with them. This can damage the battery of laptops in the process.


5. Use the windows power troubleshooter

if the battery power of your laptop is weak, you can identify its reason. Windows power troubleshooter may help you to determine the problem. And you can use this troubleshooter for other issue too. After troubleshooting, it will change any discord settings automatically to fix the exposed issues.


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