10 amazing sites in the web which you may don’t want to miss

Are you just bore by browsing Facebook, Twitter, Instagram etc or you want something fancy websites.


If you are looking for something that will blow your mind or want to make your mode fresh then you are at right place. We have tried more than 50 such websites and selected these 10 amazing websites. Hope , you will like and enjoy these sites.

List of 10 amazing sites in web


1. You’re getting old


This site is just amazing. By using this site, you can find your age in full details. How many year, month, day. You can even find how many times your heart beat and you breathe.


This is website is really amazing. What are you looking for just go and check your details. I am sure that you will love it.


2. 10minutemail.com


You can use this website to create temporary email address that will valid for only 10 minutes. You can send and receive mail within 10 minutes. After 10 minutes your email will be deactivated automatically.


3. Project Naptha


If you are a geek, you may know about OCR (optical character recognition) technology that helps to grab text from image.


You can use OCR feature in chrome by adding project Naptha chrome extension. You can even translate words in other language. Unfortunately, it is only available in chrome.


4. Hackertyper


This is a prank website. You can prank your friends by typing at unbelievable speed. Actually you don’t have to type fast. You just need to press random words and it will run a pre-defined code which seems like you are typing faster. One more thing, if you hit capslock twice, it will show you a warning Acess Denied.


5. Oddee.com


This website has the most crazy and strange content that you will not find anywhere across the globe. If you loves weird things then you should definitely visit this site. In This site you can get things which is too strange, weird and facts which you can’t imagine.


6. Mental floss


Mental floss is an amazing website that tells you the hidden secrets between the popular happening in the world. You can get info from science to culture. I am sure that, facts you read here definitely blow your mind.


7. A good movie to watch


Do you want to watch movie ? But don’t know which movie to watch. This site provide curated list of movies which you can select bases on mood, genre or randomly.


8. Bedtime calculator


The bedtime calculator helps you to find the best time to go to bed so, you can wake up feeling rested. Just enter the time when you want to wake up. Then they will show you best time to sleep.


9. Is it normal


If you have a question which is odd to ask your family and friends? Then this is the place where you can find the answer if your queries without anybody knowing it.


10. How secure is my password


This is another amazing website that tells you either your password is strong enough or not.
If you are not using password manager then this will be the great option to check strength if your password. This will also tells you about how long will it take to crack your password via computer program.




These are the list of 10 amazing websites in the web. Some of these are for entertainment purpose and some might help to make your daily life easier.


I hope you will like these websites and learn something new from this article. If you find this article useful for you, share it to your friends in social media. If you know other amazing websites that must be listed here, let us know about it in the comments.


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